Jake M Richardson
Jake M Richardson


My PDX is a subjective cartography project. This blog is tracking the progress and development of my capstone project for my MFA in Collaborative Design at PNCA. 

Project Instructions

Suggested steps for My PDX

  1. Open up your new map.
  2. Write your name and date range that you are using the map
  3. Fill in the color coded key for your transportation types.
  4. Draw your paths. Use the colored marker that corresponds with your transportation color key
  5. Make notes about destinations, landmarks, and things of personal significance. 
  6. Start reflecting on each type of transportation each day. Make a mark for each description word that relates to your transportation that day. 
  7. Make a note each day of anything interesting that you experienced.
  8. After the seven day period, return the completed map to me for documentation. 
  9. At some point we will make arrangements for a photo session and I will take a portrait of each participant in the project. 

*If you post about the project to social media, use the hash tag #mypdx

My PDXJake Richardson