Jake M Richardson
Jake M Richardson


My PDX is a subjective cartography project. This blog is tracking the progress and development of my capstone project for my MFA in Collaborative Design at PNCA. 

My PDX Abstract

First draft of my thesis paper is due tomorrow... Here is my project abstract in the meantime. 


MY PDX - Portraits of Portlanders Through Transportation Mapping

MY PDX is a subjective cartography and photography project inspired by the concept of topophilia, our innate love of place. We have become reliant on navigation technology to guide us through space. Navigation technology commands you step by step from A to B without allowing room for wandering and discovery. Daily we spend hours en route, but don't spend time noticing what is in between destinations. This is not a wayfinding project, but an expression of geographical emotion.

The core of the project is a minimalist base map of Portland screen printed on TyVek. It will have the least amount of information possible, only major roads and water features are included. With a smart phone or tablet, users can project an augmented reality layer with labeled details of the city. This map will be the basis for a transportation journaling project, in which 25 participants will document and reflect on each trip they take for a week. Each participant will be photographed, which will be displayed with their completed map. MY PDX aims to understand how our transportation choices influence our mood and experience of the external world. The user will draw on the map to document daily transportation routes and record significant happenings. They enhance their sense of place and understanding of their transportation network, strengthening their topophilia by spatializing their memories into a tangible artifact. This collection of personalized maps, reflections, and photographs will create portraits through transportation habits, revealing different versions and variety of experiences of Portland.

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